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How to please your local fuck partners

It’s easy to see why a lot of guys get excited about trying to find local fuck partners. After all, the Internet has made finding local, anonymous sex on the down low so ridiculously easy. You only need to download an app and all of a sudden, you start getting pussy. You only need to join the right website and all of a sudden you have all this available pussy at your disposal. Just meet and fuck and that’s it right?

This is not an ad. This is not an infomercial. This is reality. If you have a tight game and you know how to talk to women online and offline, you would be able to hook up. With that said, hooking up is just the first part of the equation. If you want the chicks that you bang to invite you again, and most importantly, tell other local women about your fuck skills, you need to listen up. Here are some tips on how to please your local fuck partners.

Touch them the right way

Women do not like getting pawed, they don’t like to get mold. You need to touch them the right way. You have to touch them in such a way they feel special. There is a lot of erogenous zones on the side of the face, on the side of the breast and on the side of the body. It’s your job to become Mr. Miagi from Karate Kid and figure that shit out so you can touch them right.

If you play the game right, you can touch them and stimulate them so well that their body becomes one giant nerve and you only need to stick your dick in a few times to make them come. After they come, you eat their pussy, make them come again and fuck them again and you make them come again. You keep repeating that process until you make them come several times and scream your name and all sorts of obscenities that she has a memorable night. If she has a memorable night, you can bet your bottom dollar that she’s going to invite you again and probably tell her friends about you. That’s how you become a local sex legend.

Never underestimate the power of the smoldering look

A lot of guys think that you have to lay a hand on a woman to stimulate them. Absolutely wrong. You can talk to a woman; even the power, the command and the heat in your voice can get a woman wet. Also, the look in your eyes can get a woman wet. It’s really all about your presence. If you are comfortable with yourself and if you are very open-minded and in tune with your internal spirit, women can smell that a mile away. Women can detect that, they need that, and they feed off that.

If you are able to harness all that sexual energy, you can make a woman come after you have unloaded this aural sexual energy onto her. Of course, piling oral sex on top of aural sex is a sure way to getting her orgasm again and again.

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How to fuck more local cougars

If you’re a young stud who has experienced cougar pussy, you’re probably all excited. You probably had your mind blown and you thought that was just epic sex. Well, if that’s how you think, welcome to the club, bro. Let’s get one thing straight: cougar pussy is the new black when it comes to sexual fashion. Seriously. It’s just amazing.

You get all the action, all the heat, all the relentless, frantic and amazing energy without any of the unnecessary drama or bullshit. That’s why a lot of guys have completely given up on women under the age of 30 and are all about banging local cougars on cougar dating site as cougarfuck. Well, if you’re raring to go, don’t get too excited. You need to go about it the right way, otherwise, it’s too easy to slip up. It’s too easy to do things by the seat of your pants and waste a lot of time, and yes, money.

It’s all about getting the first handful

If you want to fuck a lot of local, older women you have to understand that you need to make sure that you make a great first impression in that sexual community. In other words, you need to cherry pick your first few sex partners. You need to make sure that you are going to do the deed with somebody who will appreciate it. Why? Performance with her is going to resonate with the rest of the cougar community.

If word gets out that you are this amazing lover that can make a woman cum many times over, word will get out, and guess what will happen, chicks will come after you. In fact, your fantasy of having sex with at least two women at the same time will finally come true. That’s how it works. It’s all about referrals. It’s like a sexual multi-level marketing network.

People do talk and the great thing about this community is that there is no emotional bullshit. It’s not like this older woman claims you as her property. It’s not that. It’s basically they’re just sharing the word about your sexual prowess. How awesome is that. It’s all about getting that first impression going because the more you get referred, the more pussy you will get. It’s really important that you need to bring your best game. You can’t blow it. You have to focus on giving your woman a good time. Otherwise, she’s going to say bad shit about you.

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